I’m Back! (almost)

So, the curtain goes up at 6am March 1st – the premier of “The Start” with Todd Sauter, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The entire team at MKS Broadcasting has been tremendous to work with, and I just can’t thank them enough.

So, what’s the new show going to be about? That’s the million-dollar question. Let me start by telling you what the show won’t be about: National Politics.

In a recent social media post, I mentioned “when they reformat the entire radio station to accommodate the new guy.”

Yes, the entire station is being reformatted to a conservative-talk format. No, they did not make this move on my account.

I saw an opportunity to have a little fun – possibly start a rumor about myself – and I jumped on it. Nothing more.

Also, the move to conservative talk will not have an impact on the station’s sports program. KFMO and B104 FM are the Parkland’s sports leaders, broadcasting more 200 live youth sporting events per year, in addition to being the home of the Cardinals, Blues, Kansas City Chiefs, and most recently – the NASCAR Cup Series.

Had there been any talks of scaling back our robust sports program, I would have been the first one to object. Greg Alan is a pro in every sense of the word, and will continue to provide the same award-winning sports program our listeners have come to enjoy.

Finally, we’ll continue to be the Parkland’s News leader. Mike Ramsey, who has been at the helm of both the newsroom, as well as the morning show – and doing both duties masterfully, I might add – isn’t going anywhere.

Mike will remain as the full-time News Director. I’ve simply been added to help shoulder the load. I’ll be taking the morning show off his plate, so that he will have additional availability to attend meetings, pressers, etc.

The reality is, the Parkland has grown in the 20+ years that I’ve been a weekend visitor. As such, KFMO / B104 listeners deserve to have a dedicated news man, with a few of us supporting him on an as-needed basis.

Mike is the best in the business, and he’ll continue to provide the same award-winning news program that our listeners have come to expect.

As for me, my goal is to have genuine, authentic, and timely conversations with the movers and shakers of the Parkland. Local business, nonprofit, education, and yes, political leaders.

Outside of that framework, I guess you could say that I’m approaching the whole thing like a fishing trip. Ask any fisherman, and they’ll tell you that all the tackle in the world always boils down to handful of lures. The key, is using the right lures at the right moment.

In order for me to find the right topics, guests, etc. – I’ll need feedback. As the wheels begin turning, I need to know what you’re enjoying – and not enjoying.

If you’ve listened to me in the past, you know I’m very responsive to emails, texts, calls, and social media comments. None of this will change, although, be patient. I’m learning new equipment, so it’ll take me a while to get to a point where I can quickly function on all platforms.

Finally, to my sponsors. I don’t know why this is – but I’ve always been better at selling you than selling myself.

In the words of the late, great, Paul Harvey, please continue to “put your money where my mouth is.”

I believe in you, and your dreams. You make local radio possible So, if you fail, we fail. I can’t promise that I’ll always get it right, but one thing’s for certain: I’ll always bring my passion and conviction for what you do.

In close, thank you for sharing in this experience with me. I’m truly grateful to have you in my life, and look forward to this new chapter.

Warmly, Todd